Psych Health and Safety Podcast USA

The Workplace Psychological Safety Act - with Deb Falzoi

Episode Summary

In our last episode, we discussed some of the protections and inadequacies of our current laws to protect the psychological health and safety of American Workers. In the episode, host Dr. I. David Daniels will talk with Deb Falzoi, founder of “Dignity Together” cofounder of “End Work Abuse, and one of the leaders of the effort to end abusive behavior in the workplace through various efforts, including the establishment of the Workplace Psychological Safety Act. Ms. Falzoi has been actively involved in this work since her own experience of workplace bullying in the marketing industry over 15 years ago. She has recently been leading efforts to pass. Bill H 1882 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would be one of the first state-level legislative efforts focused on psychological safety in the United States.