Psych Health and Safety Podcast USA

New Voices for Psych Health and Safety - with Jaime Feinberg

Episode Summary

Jaimie Feinberg is not only a safety professional; with nearly 20 years in safety, she is a millennial who has a lived experience in several organizations of not feeling safe herself. While her experience is not unique, her courage and ability to share it are unique, especially for younger workers. Jaime shares what she has seen in the past and what she is currently experiencing in a start-up company where she feels safe and feels that she belongs. She attributes much of this feeling to her company's focus on workers, safety culture, and maintaining this culture as they grow. Jaime will also share how this employee-focused perspective is fuelling their work as a company as they prepare to launch a new product into the substance testing space. This episode will challenge many traditional views on psychological health and safety, impairment, and the approaches that some have taken to respond to these issues. The conversation also provides pointers for leaders and employers looking to become more psychologically safe for those who work with them.